Rumu finished victory over Wards was upset

China, Wuhan - Beijing time on September 26, 2017 season, Wuhan Tennis Open launched a single round of women's competition. Central Stadium first game, tournament No. 9 seed A · Radwans card to 7-5 7-5 Lectra German beauty Gerges, for two consecutive years into the Wu network 16 strong.
With this victory, the Polish star also reported last month in Cincinnati lost to the opponent's revenge, the two grips record refresh to 4 wins and 2 losses.
"I lost to her a few weeks before, so I know how to play today," said A in the interview, "I know she can play a very high level, especially the recent time, So I am glad that I can win straight down.
"She's a great job, and I'm well prepared for this, and when I get the chance to break, I'll be especially focused," A said, "that's the key to the game. Some of the key points on the performance better.
The game, A more aggressive style of the wind for her victory: her winning points and the number of unforced errors were flat (12), a scoring rate as high as 74%. In contrast, although Geerge fired a record of 28 points, but her number of active mistakes far more than the opponent. In addition, the German girl in the key points on the performance is also slightly inferior, six break points only grasp the two.
No. 9 seed next round will compete with Australian player Batty for the quarter-finals, the latter in the game on Saturday 6-0 4-6 7-6 (3) out of the No. 5 seed Kongta.
Another game, No. 6 seed Kuznetsova state in the doldrums, with 3-6 3-6 complete defeat in the French girl Kerry photographed, the Asian season opener lost. After the second round of the Wujin stop, the prospect of the Russian star to enter Singapore has become unpopular. At the same time, another French player Garcia to 6-1 6-1 sweep McHale, and the Division together to qualify for the 16 strong.
Last week just in Seoul station gains career second crown of the Aosta Pengke accidental bitter struggle, the final French Open champion first loss of a negative situation staged a reversal play, to 2-6 7-5 6-3 out of the Streisova, the third round of risk promotion.
Czech veteran in the first half of the game played smooth sailing, once to 6-2 3-1 lead; then the game was forced to interrupted due to high temperatures, the two sides returned to the game, the Aosta Pengke sounded the horn of the counterattack Two sets to achieve a big reversal.
In addition, the No. 7 seed Zibulkova 6-2 6-2 light to take the wild card entry of the Swiss teenager Tyci Man, the first round of the United States veteran Lai Puqin Keke also continued the pace of advance to 6-4 6-4 victory over the Netherlands a sister Bodens.
Night game, last week in the Pan Pacific tournament gains the first crown of the No. 4 seed Wozniacki play well to 5-7 3-6 loss from the qualifying out of the Greek rookie Sarkari, the first battle upset Out of office.
After losing six games in a row, Wozniacki finally got his first career in Tokyo, a few days ago, and the number of wins in the season was also top of the WTA. However, fought in Wuhan, Danish star failed to continue this momentum, in the first game on the early fold.
For 22-year-old Sarkari, this is the first time in her career to beat the TOP20 players. The next round she will challenge the 16th seed Wisconna, who is 6-2 6-4 victory over Belgian Melton Tesley promotion.
In the central stadium night battle, the tournament top seed Mu Gulu Lu to 6-4 6-4 win over Ukrainian player Tesulunko, locked the last women's singles 16 seats.
Since the Wu network has been held, Mugulu Luza can always play here in the wonderful performance. In 2014, she defeated Hallepp on the promotion road; in 2015, she fell into the final after losing to Williams, but the runner-up also helped her first finalists WTA year-end singles singles camp.
Spaniards have already locked Singapore tickets this year, but she did not have the slightest lax, but to maintain a hot state, to Tokyo top four results to open the Asian season.
In this year's Wu network first show, Mugulu Luza scored as high as 71%, and won the 73% of the score. She took three times in seven break opportunities, while the opponent holding a total of four break points but only a cash.
The world's first opponent will be Reneette, the Polish 6-1 6-2 sweep the Czech rookie Sini Yakova.

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