Harlem's coaching team introduces new members

China, Wuhan - the world's second Harlem will be the former ATP player Andrei Paval into the team, she said in an interview before the game, so far the two cooperation is very smooth. Paval also from Halle's hometown of Constanta, had the highest career in 2004 ranked 13th, after retiring has taught Pazek and Jankovic. Halle was released after the first round of the US Open to Maria Sharapova.
"I've made a decision before the US Open," said Hallepp. "Darren wanted him to join my team and I immediately agreed, because I always liked Andrei. The team brings new vitality, and I can hear different voices.
"I chose him because he was very experienced. His world rankings have been to TOP15, accurate is the 13th, just my lucky numbers.I grew up in Romania, at the age of 10, 11 years old He likes his play, especially the backhand, feels like I have a similarity, and I think his legs are very strong. "Halle said.
"I believe that his joining is helpful to us, but we still have to look at the specific situation, and this is still the experiment, and then we will make a decision."
If Halle can be successful finalists, then Darren Cahill will be reunited in Singapore and his disciples. In view of Cahill can not be full-time accompanied, the Romanians need another experienced coach to follow their four expeditions. After the US Open, the world's second rest for five days, and then returned to the training ground, the main improvement of their serve.
"Even Darren is not there, and there are Andrei around me," said Hallepp. "In Romania, I also need the help of an effective coach, and I do not like a person training.
"I liked him very well, and it was very nice to be with him, and he was a very casual man, and Darren was in a very co-ordination.We trained very hard and could communicate well because we all came from Romania "

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