International Tennis Federation

International Tennis Federation (Internat
International Tennis Federation logo
International Tennis Federation logo
¢ tennis Federation, or ITF) is the world's top tennis player. By the 210 countries or regions of the tennis association. [4]
March 1, 1913 Paris, France, 12 countries of the tennis association to establish the International Lawn Tennis Federation (International Lawn Tennis Federation). In 1924, the International Tennis Rules were promulgated. In 1977, tennis was renamed not only on the grassland but also in the International Tennis Federation. [5] The original International Tennis Federation was headquartered in Paris, France, moved to London, England.
Professional Tennis Federation logo
Professional Tennis Federation logo
The aim of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) is to protect the interests of men's professional tennis players, established in September 1972. Since 1990, the organization has organized a worldwide tour of men's professional tennis, which was originally called the ATP Tour, which changed its name to ATP World Tour in 2009. This tournament system replaces the Grand Prix tennis tournaments before 1990 and the World Championship Tennis. [6]
Occupational Tennis Federation of Administrative Office in London, UK. The Americas headquarters of the Federation is headquartered in Monaco, Florida, USA, and headquartered in Sydney, Australia (including Asia, Africa and Oceania) in Sydney, Australia. [7

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