The birth of tennis

The birth of tennis
The history of modern tennis is generally starting from 1873. That year, the British Walter Crompton Winfield will be the early tennis play to be improved, making it a summer sports on the lawn, and named "grass tennis." In the same year, a booklet entitled "Grassland Tennis" was published to promote and promote such activities. So Winfield was called "the founder of modern tennis." Since then tennis has become a indoor and outdoor sports can be carried out. At the same time in the UK to establish a tennis club. In 1875 the establishment of the British tennis club. The club built the world's first tennis court, and in 1877 held the British grass tennis men's singles tournament, which later became famous in the Wimbledon tennis tournament. [3]
The wide range of tennis and competition activities are becoming more frequent, there is no uniform rules of course is not enough. So in 1876, by some areas of the famous tennis club sent representatives to discuss and discuss the development of a unified British tennis rules. After several consultations, the representatives of the parties finally on the tennis venues of the venue, equipment, play and competition, and so made a consensus, and formed a unified rule. About 1878, most of the British tennis clubs are gradually in accordance with the new play activities, training and competition. [3]
In 1874, the American woman in Bermuda, Mary Ottberg, was interested in the sport after watching the British officer's tennis game, bringing tennis rules, webcams and tennis to New York. In the United States, tennis was originally carried out in the eastern schools, and soon spread to the central, western, and then in the United States to get popular. At this point the tennis game has evolved from the grass to the sand on the concrete floor, asphalt on the ground, so the "tennis (tennis)" name slowly replaced the "grass tennis (LawnTennis)" name, this is our The origin of the tennis name today. [3]
Tennis album
Tennis album (5 photos)
In the early days of modern tennis, women were often excluded because the tennis campaign was not suitable for women. At the same time that women participate in tennis, there are injustice. So the early tennis game only with men's singles and doubles two, no women's tennis project. But some female players not only dare to break through the public opinion and family obstruction, and some of the technical level than the male players. In some informal singles games often appear on the side of the male players, the other side is the situation of female players. This forced some tennis clubs to get rid of this ban, allowing women to participate in the campaign. So from 1879 began the birth of men and women mixed doubles competition, which is the result of women's own efforts. [1] 
In 1878, the first men's doubles tournament was held in England. In 1879, the first women's singles and mixed doubles tournaments were held in Ireland. In 1884, Wimbledon increased the women's singles and men's doubles tournament.
Australian Open champion (Federer)
Australian Open champion (Federer)
In 1913 the addition of women's doubles and mixed doubles championships.
In 1881, the first national tennis association in the world, the National Grassland Tennis Association (the "national" word was canceled in 1920). The first American grass tennis men's singles and men's doubles tournament was held at Newport, Rhode Island from August 31 to September 3 of that year, using Wimbledon's rules of competition, with 26 people. [3]
The United States National Grassland Association Chairman Dwight and the US men's singles champion Sears, is also the first to participate in the Wimbledon tournament overseas athletes.
In 1887, began to hold the American Grass Tennis Women's Singles Championship, women's doubles and mixed doubles began in 1890 and 1892 respectively.
In 1891, France held the men's singles and men's doubles tournaments for the first time, with participants limited to French citizens and women's singles began in 1897.
French champion (Federer)
French champion (Federer)
In 1900, 21-year-old American tennis player Davis, in order to promote the development of modern tennis, donated a gold lining of the silver bowl, called the Davis Cup. It later became the international tennis prestige of the highest men's team tournament permanent mobile trophy. Each year the championship team and the name of the players engraved on the cup, when the name engraved in 1920, Davis has donated a mat box, and later added two pallets. [3]
In 1904, the Australian Grassland Tennis Association was established, and in 1905 began to host the Australian Championship, men's singles, men's doubles two projects. 1922 and added women's singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles three. The French Tennis Championships, the Wimbledon Championships, the American Tennis Championships and the Australian Tennis Championships are the most prestigious "Grand Slam" tennis tournaments in the world. Any player or group of doubles can win the Grand Slam winners in the same season and win the championships of the four championships. [3]
On March 1, 1913, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) was established in Paris, represented by tennis associations in 12 countries such as Australia, coordinating international tennis activities, arranging annual calendar schedules, revising tennis rules and supervising its implementation The
Wimbledon champion (Federer)
Wimbledon champion (Federer)
In 1919, the lottery was adopted "seed" system. In 1927, the British first seamless tennis, the ball speed to speed up. From 1945 to 60's, tennis became professional. In 1963 began the women's team competition - the Federation Cup. In 1968 Wimbledon first implemented the entry system that did not distinguish between amateur and professional players. In 1972, the International Men's Professional Tennis Players Association was established. In 1973, the International Women's Tennis Association was established. [3]
In 1896 in Athens at the modern first Olympic Games, tennis men's singles and doubles were classified as a formal event. Later, due to the International Olympic Committee and the International Tennis Federation in the "amateur athletes" on the issue of differences, has been carried out for seven consecutive Olympic Games tennis game was canceled. Until the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, tennis was listed as a show project. By 1988 the Olympic Games in Seoul, tennis was re-classified as an official event. [2-3]

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