Tennis predecessor

Tennis predecessor
The most primitive form of tennis is called interior tennis. Most historians believe that this movement originated in the 12th century, the northern French missionaries in the church corridors with a hand shot of the game. [1] By the middle of the 14th century, a French poet introduced the ball game to the French court, as a royal family of noble men and women. [2] At that time to play this game, the venue is the hall of the hall, there is no net and no racket, the ball is rolled into a round with a rope tied. The middle of the venue set up a rope for the sector, the use of both hands for the racket, the ball lost from the rope to throw, the French called Tenez, English called "Take it! Play", meaning: "catch! Today's "tennis" comes from this. By the 16th century, the wood racket was used instead of both hands. The original tennis, just two hemispheres filled with grass, leaves or hair made of, and later with the continuous development of tennis, the ball is also more and more attention to the production.
At the beginning of the 16th century, the ball game was discovered by French nationals, began to follow the curiosity, quickly spread to the major cities, while improving the appliances. The ball is made more durable, the tempo changed from wood to parchment, the area of ​​the face is enlarged and the handle of the grip is lengthened. The middle of the rope in the field, adding countless short ropes to the ground hanging down, the ball passed from below the rope, can be clearly found. Was later ordered by the French king Louis, and provided that it was a privileged game in the court.
At the beginning of the 17th century, the middle of the site no longer use the curtain, and switch to a small grid net, net better than the role of the curtain, beat the line with the line shot, flexible and lightweight and convenient. In the French court for this game, the court next to the placement of a gold container, after each game, the audience put money into the dish, as a winner of the prize. This method was very good at first, and later evolved into a gambling. The beginning of the number is still small, over time the more gambling, and even some people go bankrupt, so the dispute after another, the French king ordered to prohibit such a game, which is the early 18th century, the main reason for the decline of tennis.

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