Federer wins the home of a brother with Walling card title

Federer wins the home of a brother with Walling card title
Beijing time on March 19, 2017 season, the first ATP1000 Masters, the total prize money of $ 791.3 million in the BNP Parish race to continue in the Indian Wells men's singles semi-finals contest. No. 9 seed, four championship champion Federer to 6-1 / 7-6 (4) victory over the local brother of a cable, No. 3 seed Waring card is 6-3 / 6-2 win over the Spanish Busta, two Swiss veteran reached the men's singles final tomorrow.
Federer in the new season's recovery so that fans surprise, especially at the beginning of the Australian Open win over the old rival Nadal won the first 18 Grand Slam trophy, continue to expand their lead. This week he beat Nadal again, in his career for the first time ushered in the opponent's three-game winning streak, for a 35-year-old veteran is also unusual. Suqu this has been replaced for six months to become a new generation of the United States a brother, the United States juvenile had to win dmitilov and Nishikori Kyu, local combat strength should not be overlooked. The two previous grips are in 2015, Federer two victories.
The first game of the two start their own security, the fourth inning Federer took the lead in instigating the offensive, he even sent four points after the lovegame easily break, made a 3-1 lead. The fifth game of Sok's serve two people came to split, the Swiss again with two points twice the break. Into their own serve wins Board, the performance of the entire disk Federer quickly 40-0 get inventory, in the second chance to cash to 6-1 easily win.
The second game of the United States a brother's performance was significantly improved, the first six innings two did not send any break opportunities, the score rose to 3-3 level rise. The seventh inning to save the break point Keke hair, which is the only break point of the whole disk, the two entered the tie-break win. After each completion of a minibreak, the two 3-3 exchange venue. Federer in the dispute once again broke the opponent hungry star points, then Paul 6-4 get match point. He did not waste his serve, won the seventh to 7-4 victory over the Indian Wells final. The whole game Federer's score as high as 82%, did not send a break point.
Waring card in the Australian Open game into the semi-final five lost to Federer photographed, but after the Dubai game was the first battle was eliminated. This week he signed a good match, only met Tim a seed player reached the semi-finals. Busta in the new season rose momentum, championship points ranked the top ten, this week is his first time into the Masters semi-finals. The two had twice played against the Swiss victory, the last time last year, Geneva only lost four innings to win.
The first game before the four bureau of the two are their own hair, the sixth inning at the break in the beginning of Busta scored three points, to force the serve is not lost. The eighth inning Wakinka 40-15 once again forced out two break points, he finished after the break out of his own serve wins Board. No. 3 seed is very easy straight down four points to ensure that the score to win the first set of 6-3 victory.
The second set of the second set of two in Busta's serve again to start a fierce battle in the battle seven times after the split, Waring card in the fifth break point finally break the opponent's city, then Paul made a 3-1 advantage The The seventh game of the Spaniards serve again was broken, is already 2-5 big score behind. Walinka then again lovegame Paul hair, only 65 minutes to 6-2 out of the opponent to qualify for the final.

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