"Prince of Tennis" restaurateur buyout in 2013 donkey cheese

"Prince of Tennis" restaurateur buyout in 2013 donkey cheese
According to British media reported on the 9th, winner of five Grand Slam trophy in 2012 ATP (Men's International Professional Tennis Players Association) ranked men's singles player Novak Djokovic of Serbia will open in a home restaurants. Moreover, the donkey cheese addicts with 400 pounds of high prices per pound buyout near the Serbian capital Belgrade Zhasuoweika farm in 2013 the annual production of donkey cheese, this farm is said to be the only worldwide donkey cheese origin.
Donkey cheese fat content of only 1%, vitamin C content is 60 times that of ordinary milk products, is extremely beneficial to the human body. Novak had agreed to buy the farm next year the year of donkey cheese, because we think that this is the "Prince of Tennis" This can become a little-known high-quality cheese excellent spokesperson. Comprehensive news

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