Tennis star fashion Metamorphosis small German restaurant op

Tennis star fashion Metamorphosis small German restaurant open
Nadal, Li Na, Sharapova, Djokovic ...... these familiar names left in the game exciting, indelible mark. They are the legendary founder of the tennis court, with their extraordinary talent on the pitch to create one after another miracle. They fashion trend leader, after leaving the court, they turned gorgeous, writing one gorgeous bright fashion "The Metamorphosis."
Novak Djokovic
Druid is a shining star of contemporary tennis, with five Grand Slam trophy that he broke the Federer and Nadal for the Wimbledon men's singles champion for eight years or his monopoly. In addition, a small German tennis or well-known "Sic master", he said his childhood love of showy: "My dream was to have a technology all the top players, such as Andre Agassi back to the ball, Sampras Rafter's serve and Edberg or former network technology and so on. so I began to imitate them, I always want to own more relaxed. "in addition, and also a small German Federer, are language cattle, he speaks Serbian, English, Italian and German, French and Spanish still learning, he said, "I am fascinated by some of the language." At the same time, he also likes music, that has been the formation of the band's plans, he will act bassist, drummer brother Marco is. It can be said, a small German tennis and fashion industry is a veritable "multi-faceted experts."
Men's fashion finalists, movie
Small German finalist in the men's fashion magazine "GQ" 2011 annual men's fashion, and then in cooperation with Stallone, Jet Li, and many other film stars to participate in the film "The Expendables 2" shot, top-ranked Novak Djokovic can be regarded in fashion circles and the new darling of the entertainment.
Small German restaurant
In addition to tennis, Novak Djokovic also has his own name "Novak" named after the restaurant. Highlights element for the entire restaurant, nature is tennis, central restaurant placed a huge glass columns filled with tennis, in which the distribution of several television screens, playing a small German many games, awards ceremony. Coffee bar as well as Germany about trophies and autographed, so that guests can feel the rich tennis atmosphere. In addition, sitting in a coffee bar corner, you can enjoy the small German newly built clay tennis courts.
Rafael Nadal
Spain mentioned, people think in addition to chicken roll, bullfighting, certainly will think Nadal, the dark-skinned, sharp-eyed Spanish world number one already penetrated people's hearts. Although tennis of his career, but Nadal said golf is his hobby, really ironic. Because of his early career with the hair style resembles pirates jersey, the fans take to the nickname "pirate"; and because the name of the Chinese transliteration approximation, nicknamed Chinese world media and fans as "natto"; also because they have plenty of physical fitness and extraordinary each division will shift plus as "abnormal admirable fighting spirit" at the end of the match point, the media and fans nicknamed the "bull"; but also because of its unprecedented excellent achievement laterite annals, is known the "king of clay" (the King of Clay).
Natto love fishing fish
Natto eat fish practices before the competition, he is the classic fish and pasta recipes, do not eat meat. Eat in a restaurant, he did not care for the fans asked for a photo, but there are exceptions, "If I eat the fish being one-half, I expect the fans to stay away from me, or I fish to cool it." In addition to fish he also loved fishing, he said, "sit back and wait for the fish hook, enjoy the kind of quiet feeling very good."
Boarded the fashion magazine "Elle" in the Western version of the cover
King Nadal of Spain with friends, the Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas and basketball superstar Pau Gasol with boarded the fashion magazine "Elle" in the Western version of the cover, put on suits, he looked handsome, he has been completely out early debut Sentimental when, already reveal the real world No.1 temperament and self-confidence.
Maria Sharapova
Russian-born, 25-year old tennis champion Maria Sharapova is notoriously ferocious offensive player. She roar in the game and her trademark powerful forehand as legendary. Outside court, she grim strong personality and femininity undisguised amazingly together. She loves high heels, but also like the tough style of Rick Owens jacket Spyridon. She like to watch "Pippi Longstocking" series and relaxing and romantic comedy, but also like the experimental painter Ed Moses challenging spirit of the paintings. In her perfect blend of girl temperament and fearless spirit, making it at the same time become the darling of the sports world and the fashion world.
Sharapova involved in the design red carpet dress
Sharapova said:. "I like so many designers Stella McCartney (Stella McCartney) is definitely one of Sarah Burton (Sarah Burton) is Alexander McQueen (Alexander McQueen) good. the head, when I wear a lot of red carpet dresses come from her handwriting. I'm on the 'annual Sports Excellence performance Award' (ESPY Awards) awards ceremony dress that I wore with her design. "
Sharapova love music love art exhibition
She likes collecting modern art works, the most satisfactory result is shopping Guo Er Teni Painting Chris and Ed Moses. She likes to listen to Adele music favorite "Love your neighbor as you" (Someone Like You) song, she said: "It emotions very strong, very powerful music has been a part of my life in ── aircraft. on before the game, he drove to the tennis court, I can not do without music. "love to see" Chelsea Lately "this TV show, like Chelsea Handler.
Li Na
International "Na", Jinhua Li Na of China is not only on the tennis court have full Queen Fan children, out of fashion is definitely the focus of occasions. From the Australian Open, she began to frequent "for makeup", from the Sentimental hair ponytail short hair able to later, from the conservative black dress suit to the present Huagui Li, Li crossed the boundaries of sports and fashion, more and more is revealed a world star Van child, dark complexion and his chest rose tattoos have become a unique symbol Li Na.
Li Na to enter the publishing industry
30 years old, thirties, Li precipitate own life, in the "playing alone," a book for the first time to open up and told about his tennis career, each an unforgettable experience. The book, there is her unique road to success, the legendary game of ups and downs, the peak on the perception of life; she has a complex emotional father, mother, and Ginger Xiangruyimo bit sweet, with a nationwide system, coaches, media pains and sorrows; more she and a man named "Li" in the heart of Warcraft struggle through.
Fashion coffee match for the big tennis charm
Anna Wintour favorite tennis
In addition to fashion, the US version of "VOGUE" magazine editor Anna Wintour (Anna Wintour) favorite is tennis, she is almost every tennis tournament spectators, of course, the iconic BOB head, sunglasses no less, print dress , print dress is normally a favorite of her.
Elizabeth Olsen
Three sisters Olsen among the youngest sister Elizabeth Olsen (Elizabeth Olsen), while enjoying a good time on vacation while watching exciting tennis tournament, though dressed in understated black coat, wearing sunglasses, but still is the star posture .
Veteran actor Sean Connery
Veteran actor Sean Connery (Sean Connery) is 007 incarnation, now aged him in the stands still chose bright orange T-shirt, wearing a straw hat, is still the most handsome of an old star .
Brooklyn children can wear
Children can wear Brooklyn (Brooklyn Decker) Watch husband Andy Roddick (Andy Roddick) match, dressed in a black T-shirt her dark glasses, dressed very low key.
Princess sister Pippa Middleton
Princess sister Pippa Middleton (Pippa Middleton) also came on a tennis match in the stands, wearing a bright yellow lace tops, sexy and elegant interpretation of the taste.
Tennis Fashion Story
Lightweight composite materials racket
Composite materials than wood or iron racket racquet, more lightweight and hard, life naturally longer. The use of composite materials in the racket on the court can play a good cushioning effect, the players sense of mastery of the ball more freely, in turn will increase the chances of winning.
Court classic
After a century of change costumes baptism, T-shirts and shorts with the game should be all men most beloved classic choice. Especially in public places, this match appears to be both stylish and elegant. Designed for a woman without excessive nudity element T-shirt and matching skirt, a favorite for any woman in the game of tennis wear. (Cai Chunyan)

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