Tennis players will increase blood test to establish biologi

Tennis players will increase blood test to establish biological passport
China Tennis Net March 8 news Armstrong doping scandal to the world of all sports have sounded the alarm, tennis as well. Local time, on the 5th,, ATP, WTA and ITF representatives of anti-doping organizations and Grand Slam of the organizing committee of the world agreed to set up biometric passports from now on for the tennis players. The "passport" is an electronic document that contains a lot of personal information, including its main contents recording time and the results tested for drugs, used to track the overall status of each player.
Currently WADA tennis players mainly drug test flight, after the establishment of biometric passports, will increase the number of blood tests, may be at least an annual blood test will be conducted once per person. In addition, the "five-sided group" will work together to increase the number of urine, especially in the absence of competition drug test when.
"Very positive attitude on behalf of the Grand Slam, which they are willing to join the anti-doping system, and regard it as a very important thing." Bill Hancock said Gbagbo, who is the "four full Director Guan Association ". "I can cooperate with the World Anti-Doping Organization and we are pleased that we think it is a necessary means to ensure that in the future to maintain the purity of tennis."
"WTA same anti-doping organizations and to be able to establish long-term relationships and proud," WTA main Xisidaixi · Alistair said, "players build biometric passports can effectively monitor the use of stimulants, which we believe will protect us the movement is a manifestation of our collective interests. "ATP president Brad Drewett who agree with the same attitude," ATP has always strictly implement the anti-doping program, we believe that your resume will make tennis more away from the excitement of biometric passports agent. this is an important step, both for now and for the future of tennis is true. "

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