Federer 300th Grand Slam win in the Australian Open second r

Federer 300th Grand Slam win in the Australian Open second round clearance promotion
Beijing January 14 (Melbourne local time on the 14th) message, in mid 2014 the Australian Open Grand Slam tournament fight over the second match day. No. 6 seed, the Swiss world number one Roger Federer launched his first 300 Grand Slam matches, although the 17 break points only fulfilled four, but still 6-4 / 6-4 / 6-2 win over local players Dake Wo Australia Adams, advanced to the second round. The No. 10 seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga also smooth clearance, 7-5 / 6-3 / 6-3 Italian Volandri.
        Ten years ago, the first ascent Federer at the Australian Open. Ten years later, although poor record in the last Grand Slam of the 2013 season, but no one will underestimate Federer's ability to hard courts. Swiss opener opponent is Australian native Duckworth 90 after the teenager, this is the pair's first meeting. The first game, Federer will have to get three break opportunities, but none materialized. The first 3 innings, he again squandered a break point. The two sides 2-2. 5 innings, Federer at the opponent scoring 40-15 lead in the case, and finally seize the opportunity to break. Swiss pre-emption becomes more calm, after Paul made love, made 4-2 advantage. Duckworth mistakes increase, followed by Federer's serve again to the three break opportunities, but the world number one failed to take the opportunity to expand the lead. Duckworth hold its ground, scored a necessary in the ninth inning. Federer serving dish Bureau straight sets quarter, TEE was straight cash inventory. The first set, the Swiss despite first serve success rate is not high, but the scoring rate reached 94%.
        Start the second set, both players were in their service game performance and stability. The first six innings the game at 3-3. 7th inning, Duckworth forehand errors, sent two break points 15-40, but the Australian teenager to defuse the crisis, chase into 40 levels. Since then, however Duckworth first double fault, then the initiative mistakes, will serve a plate. Federer after near misses Paul made a 5-3 lead. Swiss in serving dish Bureau is still even get a quarter, 6-4 win the second set. The third set, Duckworth obviously some impatient, errors increased first game to seize the opportunity to break Federer, the Swiss 2-0 start. The first 3 innings, Duckworth once again into a bitter struggle, has saved four break points, struggling to hold serve. But Federer in the first five innings by opponents mistakes the second break succeed, a strong love 5-1 lead after Paul made. Swiss successfully won the ball game, eventually won 6-2 to advance to the second round.
        Tsonga and Volandri is also the first confrontation. Frenchman bad start the first set, the first 3 innings to encounter opponents break, and soon 1-3 behind. Volandri 5th inning broke again missed the opportunity, and start to cover Tsonga, 6th inning made back-breaking, 3-3, the two sides back to the same starting line. Tsonga from 11 innings began to force, scored eight points, his opponent will be ruined Paul's serve to 7-5 before the next city. Gradually into the state of the French in the second set with a second innings haul rivals, two break opportunities but failed to grasp. Until the 6th inning, the two sides once again fell into a stalemate, Tsonga did not waste the opportunity, the key to break, after Paul made a strong 5-2 lead. Although the split test after experiencing Volandri won the non-insurance is not a game, but still smooth Tsonga 6-3 and then the next disc.
         Tsonga disc-point lead in the third set to continue to occupy the field initiative. Although Volandri easily unwilling to disarm, but also in the first 3 innings saved three break points Paul made difficult, and the case of the first five innings behind 0-40 chasing two points, Tsonga can still break succeeded, it is quick 4-2 lead. In no way opponents of the ninth inning, the French get the match point 40-15, successfully fulfilled, 6-3 to end the fighting.
        In the other end of the game, the 11th seed Raonic 7-6 (2) / 6-1 / 4-6 / 6-2 beat Spaniard Telafuer, the second round will fight Victor Hanescu, Romanians 7-6 (5) / 7-6 (5) / 6-3 German high Yuewozike; No. 13 seed, US artillery Isner 2-6 / 6-7 (6) behind Kerry praised the Slovaks back race; 16th seed Kei Nishikori five fighting hard to 6-3 / 7-5 / 6-2 / 4-6 / 6-2 victory over local player Mato Milosevic, the next round Serbia   the war, the latter 6-4 / 7-6 (9) / 4-6 / 6-3 victory over Frenchman Pul; Lu and Jimmy Wang showdown win over the former ended, the score is 6 - 3 / 6-2 / 6-1, Lu will fight the next round No. 22 seed Dimitrov, Bulgaria guy 6-7 (7) / 6-4 / 6-4 / 6-3 reversal of Carat USA Well; within France's Robert 7-6 (3) / 6-3 / 6-0 eliminated Bode Slovenia, Poland will compete for 32 seats, the latter 6-3 / 7-6 (4) / Zeballos 7-5 victory over Argentina. (Chen)

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