Federer two out of a small German seven time winner achievem

Federer two out of a small German seven time winner achievement Cincinnati
Ben FRANCISCO, Aug. 24 (Local 23 Cincinnati) the last men's singles final match day, the No. 2 seed Roger Federer 7-6 (1), 6-3 in straight sets at the end of a two Cincinnati set win over top seed Novak Djokovic, the seventh time in Cincinnati, won the championship. Djokovic and lost it again missed the "golden master" honor.
    Today both players start the game competition is fierce, the first game was deadlocked the two grab 7, thrilling win Federer, the Swiss maestro second game with a crucial break to clinch a 6-3 to seal the victory, the end of three straight opponents, reported Wimbledon this year (microblogging) final defeat revenge opponents, the two will clash rewrite the record total of 21 wins and 20 losses, the seventh to get this race trophy, and Djokovic five rounded out this race all lost finals, is still not able to complete the "golden master" honor.
Today's first game, first serve Djokovic, Paul made two players each start once the first 3 innings the two players battle became 40-40, Djokovic near misses Paul made a success , the two compete immediately into a stalemate, in the trend of their own security, the game was dragged into the grab 7, grab seven innings Federer seized the opportunity to rip opponents serve consecutive points, the final 7-1 small points to win the first plate.
    The second game, Federer continued his hot state, after the first game easily protect hair, he used in the second innings powerful baseline firepower complete break and again followed to keep his serve to achieve the Council divided 3-0 lead, followed by two players made their own security, do not send a break point, Federer all the way to stay ahead in the final after successfully won his own serve to win the game to clinch a 6-3, so the total score 2-0 win over rivals the seventh to get this race trophy. Full match took 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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