2016 ATP schedule changes

2016 ATP schedule changes
Business strategy has always been prudent ATP, in addition to the 2016 season because of the Olympic Games had to make schedule adjustments, the rest of the WTA tournament changes compared to a lot smaller. Like the 2015 season, the 2016 ATP Tour remains from the first full week into the new year, which is the calendar for the first week of the second calendar week. For convenience, we will be the number of calendar weeks "positioning" event, which means that the 2016 ATP Tour from 2016 second week (January 4) officially open play. Specific changes are as follows:
Week 6: Croatia Zagreb (Zagreb) is canceled, it is an alternative station in Sofia, Bulgaria (Sofia).
Week 7: the original station this week in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Sao Paulo) and the 9th week of Buenos Aires, Argentina station (Buenos Aires) swap, Buenos Aires will open play in the first seven weeks, Sao Paulo stations were moved to the first nine weeks.
Week 15: Hassan II Classic from   (Casablanca) moved to Marrakech (Marrakech).
Then schedule until Wimbledon without any changes, but after Wimbledon in order to meet the Olympic Games will be held in Rio from the original schedule in the crowded "abruptly" extrusion week, had two back to back North American autumn Station Masters They will be forced apart, schedule adjustments until week 34 of the Cincinnati station returned to normal, but fortunately no event be canceled.
Week 29: The first week after Wimbledon had held the Hall of Fame Newport (Newport) and the Davis Cup quarter-finals in the new race in another influx of Hamburg station (Hamburg) and Pakistan Amare station (Bastad). (A total of 3 + 1 Event)
Week 30: originally Bastad (Bastad), the major stations in Bogotá (Bogota) station and Umag (Umag), Bastad be advanced to 29 weeks, Umag is reserved Bogota is canceled, Meanwhile the Washington station (Washington DC), Keith Buch station (Kitzbuhel) station and Gstaad (Gstaad) to advance this week. (A total of four races)
Week 31: the original burgers station, Gstaad station and Atlanta station (Atlanta), Hamburg station is advanced to the first 29 weeks, Gstaad station is advanced to the first 30 weeks, the Atlanta station was postponed until week 32 Toronto (Toronto) is advanced to the masters this week. (Total 1 events)
Week 32: the original station and Keith Washington Buch stations have been raised to the 30th week, this week will be a competition in Atlanta station. (Total 1 events)
Week 33: The original Canadian Masters will be staged in Rio Olympics. In the same week will be in Las Cabos (Los Cabos) was added. (Total 2 events)
Week 34: Cincinnati smooth baton, return to a normal schedule.
Week 43: the original in this week's Vienna Station (Vienna) and 44 weeks station in Valencia (Valencia) interchangeable.
Week 47: ATP Tour Finals still will be staged at the O2 stadium until 2018.
Week 48: Davis Cup final, the race was a formal end.

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