Tennis Baby this configuration can play it

I want to say NO The configuration of tennis baby is CPU requirements AMD3600 + You are looking at your home CPU configuration you say? Furthermore, the memory requirements of 2G minimum 1G, your computer has 512MB ... you say? Installed capacity of the hard drive also 2G, which I think most people's computer is some of these can be found on the official website to see your problem added: the simplest for the video card, and perhaps there are other better ways to the computer shop asked Ask about it, or you can go to Baidu to know → Computer / Network → Hardware This category under the mention of the problem should be addressed to remind: First of all, your home computer's memory does not meet the requirements of this section of the game The problem is inevitable Maybe not only memory problems so if you really want to play this game, it is best to your home computer configuration upgrade ... ...

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