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December 9, the world number one Serbian king Djokovic told Reuters in an interview that BIG4 rule the men's tennis time is over, in the 2015 season will have more players to join Manchu Champion in the fight.
The BIG4, composed of Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray, has completely ruled the men's tennis arena in the past few seasons and the four have won 36 of them in the last 39 Grand Slam events, even though Masters champion is also difficult to escape their mastery. However, in the just past 2014 season, the rule of BIG4 has shown obvious signs of loosening. For the first time since the 2005 Australian Open, Novak Djokovic, Federer and Nadal entered either Men's singles final, but the Australian Open champion also belongs to Wawrinka's name.
In Djokovic's view, the era of men's tennis dominated by BIG4 is indeed over: "Now that the pattern of men's tennis has become more unpredictable, it is hard to say exactly who is the Grand Slam champion It's clear Celic, Wawrinka and some other names have the power to win Grand Slam titles, and they are well placed to compete against the best players in the tournament, and they have fully demonstrated their ability to do so. "
"The reign of Federer and Nadal was really wonderful then, and Andy and Murray, and we won most of the big tournaments in the past six to eight years." Djokovi Odd continued: "But now it's time for a new generation of players to emerge, and good young players like Nishikori, Raonic and Dimitrov have been enough to compete with the best players of the day, They performed very well during the last 2014 season, and they are expected to usher in a much better season next year. "
Djokovic said his biggest goal in the 2015 season will still be to win the French Open: "I know I have the ability to win a French Open at the end of my career, and I've been close to that several times in the past The new season I will work harder, in fact, every year will be the goal.
As a fourteenth session of the Grand Slam champion American star Sampras also very optimistic about Djokovic's strength, he believes that the Serbs are still the most powerful and most comprehensive men's players: "Obviously Djokovi Oddity is still the strongest and he's very competitive on all types of venues, and in fact, if luck is good enough, I even have the power to win all four Grand Slam titles in a year. Federer still has A lot of power to compete for the world, but age is his greatest enemy, of course, no matter whether the future will be able to once again won the Grand Slam champion, his achievements are unparalleled, as for Nadal, his prospects are Depends on his health.

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