Kvitova 2015 season: want to top WTA world top

WTA Chinese network news, not all players can be like Kvitova equally play the second half of the season, before Wimbledon this year, Covittova ranked No. 16 in the Road To Singapore championship, and then she won The second Grand Slam champion, together with two titles in New Haven and Wuhan, Kvitova finally locked in the fourth year-end qualifying.
Currently a preparation season off the season, Covittova updated his blog on his official website, recalling his 2014 season experience, introducing a new physical therapist and her goal for 2015, to reach the top of the world the first.
The following is Kovolta's blog full text:
Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I sat down to write a blog, and since I've never written anything since Wimbledon, I'm sorry to say sorry!
After a long season, I finally have time to take a good rest. I just had a complete rest for two weeks, I went to Monaco, and then had a wonderful beach time in Dubai with my brothers. The two weeks off the racquet flies, and on Wednesday I was back in training ground for the start.
I am very happy to prepare for the new season now all the best. My body is very good, in all aspects of training are good, I want to prepare for the 2015 season. Alex Stobo, a new physical fitness man, was great. He was very experienced and very aware of what to do. He joined my team with the plan. He wanted me to be stronger. Speed ​​on the court. Can be faster. In addition, he is a physiotherapist, so he knows exactly how the tennis player's body works.
Our training is very focused, so I can still play "Petra" type of tennis. Every day after the training I will have a physical examination, so we can find any small injuries, to help me remove the pain!
It's great to have an international team, and David speaks German, so he can easily communicate with Alex. Of course, we can speak English too, so now my team has Czech, German, Dutch and British, a very international team!
When I was doing Q & A activities, a fan asked what is the most proud of this year. To tell you the truth, I'm proud of so many things. I have overcome many difficult times and I know how important it is to me. I am proud to wake up every day to go training, I have been focused on doing better. Of course, Wimbledon is my biggest highlight this year, I got the second Grand Slam champion, my parents at home two Wimbledon champion means everything. The last game of the season with Kobe Bryant is also great, a great battle, but also the perfect ending season.
The most important lesson I learned this year is whether you still believe in yourself, even if you are not doing well. In fact, choose to give up very simple, you just say a 'I can not do', but I always want to do better, I learned never give up.
About the 2015 season, I have a clear goal, I want to do better in the Grand Slam, of course, I also want to one day become the world. I used to be very close to first place, but I really hope that one day will come true. These goals are my motivation to train now, I want to make full preparations for the 2015 season.
Here I would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, I hope you can enjoy the offseason. I hope everyone can be healthy, not only for me and for my people, but also for my fans.

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