ESPN rated good tennis: Wahlin beat the Big Three elected

Beijing December 12, ESPN recently rated the 2014 tennis season best athlete, Serena Williams by virtue of the year to hold the world number one defending the beauty of the United States, undisputedly won the women's best player. The man's best winner was unexpected, breaking the WHA monopoly of Wahlianka early this year, winning the man's best honor of the year.
Although Serena Williams's overall performance this season and not so horrible last season, but the single-season luxury to take five titles or help her hold the throne of the year-end world No. 1, but the success of the US Open defends her shoulder to shoulder legendary Natalie Tinova and Everett rank second in Grand Slam championships in the Open. Although injuries to Serena's 2014 season slightly flat, but the entire season occupy the world's first or reflects the domineering and dominance of the United States black pearl! Get the best female player of the year is also well deserved.
Compared to Serena's deserved prize, the man can be described as a burst of "upset." The Swiss brother Wawrinka once again broke the Big 3 monopoly, took away the best men's player award.
It may be appropriate to describe the performance of Wawrinka 2014 with "reborn." Australian Open at the beginning of the year, Wawrinka win small Germany, Nadal, won his first career Grand Slam trophy, ranked first beyond Federer, a new Swiss brother. Followed by Monte-Carlo, Wawrinka win over Federer, ho take the Masters first crown. The finals, Wawrinka into the semi-finals, and Federer duel, once to get the match point, almost reached the finals. Davis Cup final at the end of the year, alone for many years Wawrinka, and finally wait until the return, he and Big Brother Federer single-and double-lane operations, eventually together to help Switzerland win the Davis Cup for the first time champion. Although Wawrinking fluctuated throughout the season, but also has been the moment of the dark horse upset, but he frequently made a new career record this season, creating a new glory, beat Big 3 won the Men's Player of the Year Award, is also reasonable .

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