WTA2014 number Jie most good at seizing the opportunity

As the "reserved program" of the WTA at the end of each year, the season data will always attract the attention of the media and fans. Of course, this year is no exception. Let us take a look at the "WTA2014 season data" Neutral and unexpected.
ACE ball is a measure of a tennis player's "hard power" an important indicator of this year's WTA "ACE Ball Queen" is still Serena Williams: Throughout the season, "American Black Pearl" issued a total of 452 mind ACE ball, though This figure is slightly lower than 484 recorded in the previous two seasons and 484 but still enough to be a bit of a smile. At the same time, Serena's service winning percentage as high as 80.9%, ranking first. Interestingly, as the "Queen of ACE," Williams did not scored the first rate in the first score, come out on top is her American "fellow" Vandeweghe, "Davenport" successor, said Van der Vew This season, the progress is obvious, the world rankings have come to 39th place, this year she particularly outstanding performance in the service link, especially the first score points, actually as high as 75.2%! This figure is even higher than last year's Serena ranked 74.7%.
There are "serve master", of course, "pick serve master": ATP Arena is recognized as "the king of the serve the ball" Druid, WTA stadium "serve the Empress" reputation and reputation is not large, is the Romanian player Niu Kulesicu, after receiving a score of 43.8%. Also worth mentioning is that Nicolas Les library holding features and our players Peng Shuai, are double positive and negative.
Compared to the first round, subject to the double error pressure on the tennis court on the second power and role are generally not large, but the same, the same active in the professional arena for a lot of players willing to play two hair is good at the second round of this year The best performing WTA player in this area is Australia veteran Stoudemire, the second serve score as high as 50.3%, well above the professional women's tennis 40% average second serve score.
The second round is the door technology to live, then the second is also the door learning, most players will be because the opponent two more hair than the quality of a clear decline and vigilance, but opponents made two scoring rate increase. South African player 斯奇皮尔斯 directly ranked only 78, but in the second round of the area, she is a master: This season, "South Africa one sister," scored 59.9% after the second runner-up is impressive.
World Women's Professional Tennis Forum, there are such a group of players: in the game, they did not get much chance, but only "the opportunity to knock on the door," they will try hard to grasp. Reflected in the technical statistics link is the "break-through rate", the statistics ranked first in the "China Golden Flower" Zheng Jie, Zheng Jie now the world ranking has slipped to 90, but 53.8% of the break-even rate is ranked First in 2014 season.

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