40 degrees Australian Open announced "high temperature polic

For people living in the northern hemisphere, January is almost synonymous with ice and snow, but in Australia, the southern hemisphere, January is the hottest season, and the Australian Open at the beginning of each year is also the "hottest open race" .
In the past few seasons, every year players complain about the weather conditions are too harsh, in view of this, before the start of the 2015 Australian Open season, the organizing committee also announced a "high temperature policy", that the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, the game immediately stopped.
Tireli, chairman of the Australian Open, said: "We hope that by modifying the policy to provide players with more humane and more reasonable conditions of the game, many players also welcomed our new policy."
Of course, the players will be welcome to know that in 2014, the Australian Open had a temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius for four days in a row. Many players even experienced nausea and vomiting in the heat stroke during the hot weather.

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