WTA duel Li Na Australian net escape

A season down, the light tournament and Grand Slam plus the race together there are thousands of games, selected in these games out of the five classic annual total is not easy. First of all, no one can say these games are full, then there are always subjective and taste of people's bias, and the impression that this thing was not very tricky. The following five games are personal, the main criteria include the viewing and suspense of the game, the importance of the event itself, the influence on the season's potential, the competitive level of the participants and the brightness of celebrities.
Australian Open third round
Li Na vs Safarova
At temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius, the two players tried their best to beat three. Perhaps the scene is not fantastic, but in lingering extent, this is definitely the most scared of this year's Chinese fans a game. If Safalova in the match point on that record back straight line a few centimeters, maybe this year's women's tennis will be another round of the situation: Li Na's second Grand Slam will be where? Will she still choose to retire this year? For Li Na, the Chinese people often talk about "the aftermath of the imminent disaster," after the match has been proven on the Australian Open.
Cincinnati semifinals
Ivanovic vs Maria Sharapova
People like to see the beauty of beauty and pinch frame psychology is very complicated: played bad-looking and good-looking, play nice double look good, if the play was so fragrant sweat dripping flowers fade it simply ... ... can not say that. The game twists and turns, full of broken and anti-break, serve wins the game double errors, mutual rescue points, a large number of winning points and unforced errors, treatment of true and false, the key points of misjudgment and players and The referee's mouth, 2 hours and 46 minutes of the film quality and quantity, but also includes stretching to the post-game bickering. You can think of the plot and drama, all have, absolutely Strong Is Beautiful!
Final Finals semifinals
Serena vs Wozniacki
This is a typical "girlfriends" match between: Serena can play bad for their own pats, but also for Woz wonderful ball and applause, when she was in the tiebreaker grabbed seven due to clean the net lucky Score the ball, Serena just shook his head, it seems regrettable for Woz. And Wards did a lot of good shots in the game out of the reach of others, including her own expectations, she was very rare repeatedly shouted loudly, wholeheartedly released the pressure. Yes, Wards is good at turning the tennis tournament into a marathon, but Serena will always have the means to wait for the good sisters ahead of the finish line and give her a hug.
French Open final
Maria Sharapova vs Halep
This year, three players completed their Grand Slam finals debut, which of course is gratifying, but also contributed to the quality of this year's Grand Slam finals generally not high reality, but in addition to the French Open final. Haarle used the game to prove that she was a big player in temperament, her light and yet ebullient style of play for the power of women's tennis net blowing a fresh style. Sharapova for three consecutive years to enter the French Open final and twice to win, did confirm her diligence and hard work, but also shows Hale Pu people have to work harder!
Wimbledon third round
Kvitova vs Granville
This is the handover ceremony of the belated two generations of "Meadow Empress". Both play a clean and playful grass tennis, with every beat with a strong desire and a clear purpose. Few vaguely defined meanings are only for the delayed see-saw and stalemate. At some point in the game, you'll see that Dawei won the Rose Dew 5 times and why she chose to insist on playing. For Coco, this war of reversals opened the valve of state and confidence as if she had infused super energy. Since then, no one can stop her. Unfortunately, Kova seems to only be able to get such a magic Wimbledon, have saved enough for three years.

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