2015 Chinese and Western culture perfect combination

December 18 evening, 2015 Roland - Garros official poster opening press conference held in Beijing. This poster unveiled the release is held in synchronization with Paris, France, this is the first time in history. As the French network in China's iconic person, Li Na also participated in the video conference.
The official French Open poster has a long tradition of posters, and its 2015 designer is Du Zhenjun, who became the first Chinese artist to create a poster for French Open, while Asian culture and Western modern art are the poster creations The main source of inspiration.
Posters very symbolic Next year French net or Li Na involved
French Network Global Affairs Director Mr. Luca made a special trip to Beijing to attend the press conference. In his address, Mr. Lucca said: "The unveiling of the poster has become a tradition of the French Open and symbolic, marking the conclusion of the French Open 2014 season and opening a new chapter for 2015." Meanwhile, Mr. Card also emphasizes that the poster is a flash point in countless specialties of the French Open and presents the event in a special form to the public.
On the issue of whether Li Na will come forward as a guest to help bring up the French Open next year, Mr. Luca gave a positive answer. "We will definitely invite Li Na to attend a series of events in France or China."
Poster reveals the mystery of the perfect blend of Chinese and Western cultures
In the center of the posters is a very active serve, Du Zhenjun hope to show a tennis match. The neat action and full-fledged shot seemed to hit the ball in front of the poster, "the speed and movement of the ball are shown through the lines, which ultimately form the main part of the poster. Element, the arc in the middle of the work is very Zen, "explains the Chinese artist.
As the most crucial figure linking China tennis to French Open, Li Na also participated in the conference by way of video recording. Li Na very much appreciate this official poster, that it is the perfect combination of Chinese and Western cultures, which will allow French tennis fans a better understanding of China, and then promote the sport in the world. At the same time, Li Na once again revealed the special feelings of the French Open, she admitted that "no matter how many years later I recall the French Open will be in a very excited state."
Author Du Zhenjun: a hundred years of French history of the Chinese artists
There is no doubt that the emergence of Li Na changed the Chinese perception of French Open. And this time, artist Du Zhenjun's name is also linked to only one of the world's most prestigious sports events.
Du Zhenjun, born in Shanghai in 1961 and studied traditional jade carving in high school, attended the local art academy and studied traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. In the five years after graduating in 1986, he was engaged in education while working hard to study western art and abstract paintings. He traveled to France in 1991 and successively settled in Bordeaux and Paris. At the 2003 Autumn Festival in Paris Du Zhenjun emerge, began to be known to the public.
Du Zhenjun has lived and studied in China and France. He still has his studio in Shanghai so far. This experience has given him an impression of Asian and Western cultures. In the creation of this French poster, he first painted on rice paper and then framed it. "I used a typical Chinese painting, a painting of ink and wash, which is a combination of Asian and modern art, and I hope Everyone likes it, "he said.

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