Silici shoulder injury to leave Brisbane Saibai match

According to foreign media reports, the 2014 US Open champion Cyril Ridge due to shoulder injury to withdraw from the Brisbane season competition. The injury may affect the Croatian's Australian Open journey. In the new season, the goal of the new division champion is to top five in the world.
It has been reported that Cilic has been suffering from a shoulder injury in the past six months or so. 2014 is the year of Cilic's transformation. He beat Berdych, Federer and Nishikori on the US Open and won the first Grand Slam trophy in his career. Despite his victory over Agurtus in Moscow, he missed a handful of events at the end of the season because of a shoulder injury. At the year-end finals in London, Cilic was defeated in Round 3 of the group round and won only one victory against Wawrinka.
At a recent International Tennis League, Cilic appeared to have been affected by a shoulder injury, but he also played for all four races on behalf of the UAE Royal Emirates with coach Ivan Nisevitch, but at the final doubles match, Zimonjic replaced Cilic's position.
Cilic this plan to Brisbane as the Australian Open warm-up match, together with the Swiss king Federer, the United States runner-up Nishikori Kei, Wimbledon semi-finals Raonic and Dimitrov and others. Cilic beat Dinamitov at the 2014 Brisssey race and lost to Nishikori in the 1/5 final.
"I have a problem with my shoulders in the last 5 to 6 months and I have to take a break. Is this two weeks, three weeks or four weeks? I do not know, but I will do my best to participate in the Australian Open Scramble, "Ciric said.
2015 Australian Open will be kicked off on January 19, Cilic for the first time to make a breakthrough in the Grand Slam is in Melbourne Park. 2010 even with Wawrinka, Roddick, Del - Botero, the first Grand Slam semifinals. However, after Cilic did not pass the fourth round of the Australian Open, Cialicts five-match loss to Simon in 2014, the second round of early exit.
What kind of breakthrough Cilic will make at Grand Slam 2015 is one of the things that deserves close attention this season, but if the shoulder injury had a lasting impact, that was not good news for the Croats because he was in the game Need to rely on his strong serve.
And injuries are also likely to affect Cilic's goals for his new season. The goal of the new season of ninth in the world, Celic, is: "The first and major goal is to stay in the top ten in the world, and then to top five. This is achievable. The competition for the new season will be fierce."

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