Foreign media forecast 2015ATP top ten: Federer worries Bote

The new season, there will be a week's time will officially kicked off, foreign media for the men's tennis next season pattern made a prediction, the most concerned about the men's TOP10 range, the traditional BIG4 hard to be shaken, Del Potro will be able to quickly return to the elite if it can get out of the shadow of the injury.
The top ten players for the 2014 season-ending year are Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, Wawrinka, Nishikori, Murray, Berdych, Raonic, Cilic and Ferrer. In the foreign media forecast, the traditional BIG4 player season will continue to stay in the TOP10 ranks, including Djokovic more obvious advantages, although Federer will spend his 34-year-old next season, but his performance this season Out of the competition, his condition should also be able to maintain 1-2 years; Nadal, though this season has been affected by the injury, but once he returned to health remains the most powerful contender in the world throne , While Murray after the downturn in the 2014 season hovering, the new season is expected to regain their best.
As for the leaders of several second groups, Wawrinka has fully matured since last season and won his first Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open. Although he is under pressure to keep pressure on the Australian Open this season, However, with his comprehensive skills and tactical ability and more stable psychological qualities, the new season he is still expected to remain within the TOP5 range. Nishikori also quickly matured this season, as Asia's number one tennis player, as long as he maintained the current status of the 2015 season to stay TOP10 is not too difficult task. As for Raonic and Berdych, they want to stay in this elite for a long time, and their performances in the competition still need to be further improved.
In analyzing who is most likely to fall TOP10, the foreign media agreed that it would be Cilic and Ferrer. Cilic has been unable to find state after winning the US Open, the current state of the body is also worrying, has withdrawn from Brisbane in the first week of the new season; and Ferrer has clearly passed the peak of the season in 2014 The downward trend is very clear, in 2015 he may even be unable to hold the top 20 positions.
As for who can become a new member of the TOP10, foreign media that Del Potro, Diameter, Tsonga and Gulbis have a good chance. Del Potro, a former US Open champion, barely missed the 2014 season because of a wrist injury, but as long as he can regain his or her health, returning to TOP10 with his competitive edge, and Dimitrov's improvement in 2014 season For all to see, there have been records to kill Grand Slam semi-finals, his talent no doubt, as long as the momentum of the world's top ten is just around the corner.

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