ATP Retired Player Review: Davidson Corozsch's Iron Will

2014 season, we bid farewell to many veterans, although the new season is about to leave, but we can not forget those who have struggled on the court figure.
Nikolay Davydenko
Davydenko began to focus on tennis during the break-up of the Soviet Union and eventually became one of Russia's best tennis players. Between 2004 and 2009, he ranked among the top ten in the middle of the year and was the first Russian to win the top ten in five consecutive years. Of his 21 titles, three are from the Masters Series. In the era of joint rule by Federer and Nadal, his highest ranking came third.
"You see on him the will and desire to be the best player," Russian card Kafirnikov said. "He was never a cannon but he was a hard-working player."
Although never overtaking Faina in rankings, Davydenko beat them twice in the same event. Do not happen at the 2009 finals and Doha 2010. But a month later he hurt his wrist and never got back to the top, after which he only won one championship.
After playing the last game, this year's French Open, he knew it was time to hang out. He announced the retirement decision in the fall, after the Kremlin Cup official farewell to the fans. "Let me talk about retirement is difficult, I have been thinking about when announced, now time is up, I still have a long way to go."
Oliver Roches
Roches is Roger Federer's best friend in his youth, the two together in 1998 won the Wimbledon men's doubles title. Federer commented: "He's a great player and he has one of the most beautiful single-handed backs." Another former world champion, Safin, who lost to Rochester in 2002, Speed ​​and expectations of the game, these factors allow the Belgians have been beyond the expectations of others achievements.
"When I was young, it was difficult for everyone to tell me." He was only 5 feet 6 inches tall. But then he proved the other man's mistakes. In the 15 years of his career, he won the ATP best rookie, doubles Grand Slam champion, the highest in the world came to 24, into the ATP Players Council. His singles total record of 238 wins and 276 losses, ten times into the finals twice.
Little Alex Borgolov
Borgolov was retired five years ago, his left wrist injury filled his career with uncertainty and owed $ 40,000 in debt. He moved with his girlfriend to his parents and became a guide to a tennis academy in New York.
April 2009 that he was promoted to be a father, he returned to tennis again, hoping to get through the pain for a second chance. After a small success, he won the Dallas Challenge Championship in February 2011 as a turning point for a comeback. "That gave me enough confidence for the following week and the week gave me another week of confidence. After going through a lot of negative things, everything went well and it gave me a lot of momentum."
Before coming back, he only won a total of 21 tournament games, staying in TOP100 for only three weeks. In 2011, he won 27 victories, including Murray, who defeated fifth in the world and Cincinnati, which beat tenth in the world. In October he created the best personal 33rd place, the year-end became the fastest player in the 2011 season. "This is the essence of the year. The award is very impressive. I can feel the players let go of their differences and express their respect for my hard work."
Since 2012, he has started to represent Russia again. In the US Open qualifying round after the race, he formally retired, his career took 70 long victories, the doubles were recorded in Atlanta in 2011.
Mark Guigal
Keguir's most impressive game should have been 2006, the French Open did not win the game - lost two consecutive 0-6-6, he even got two sets to enter the final set, the final 9 -11 lost in the opponent photographed.
The 37-year-old who retired when he felt it was right and the one-stop challenge in October became his last fight when he lost to his fellow friend Ma Hu. This year's Montpellier was his final tournament final, his seventh doubles final (seven and seven respectively), while Ma Hu was his partner. "I am very happy and very proud to be the last opponent of Ji Guer,"
In the singles arena, Giulker's best ranking came to No. 37, three runner-up. 2006 was his best year when defeated opponents included Ferrero, Gaudío, Ferrer and others. Since then, he Lyon all the way to defeat Grosse Jean, Marise and other three seed players, eventually lost to Gasquet in the first final.
Bjorn Faw
Zhang Depei has always been the pace of growth pursued by Faw, in the 15-year career, 5 feet 9 inches, he also like Zhang Depei, people are called the fastest player in the professional arena. "My strength is demonstrated in the offensive, for example the opponent hits the ball to the corner and I have the power to take the ball and come back."
Another of his idols, Agassi, the Americans witnessed Faye will become a "dangerous" opponent, he defeated in 2006 photographed. "If you let him run, it will be one

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