Tennis 2015 season who played the first movement?

2014-12-30 09:07:00 Head Office If already in sight the professional tennis 2015 season is a magnificent, colorful brilliant symphony, then the upcoming January 19, 2015 -2 February 1 at Melbourne Australia opened the "Australian Open 2015" is one of the first movement. Novak Djokovic, Nadal, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, the "big names" on these tennis courts, who can swing their racquets out of a racquet-like melody like a conductor Quietly looking forward to.
Someone once described the Australian Open men's singles tournament as "the event held in the backyard of Adrian Quests," as the former-era super-golfer actually hit 13 of the Australian Open men's singles titles Top! Into the era of open, although Andre Agassi, Federer, Djokovic won four men's singles, but no longer match the height of their predecessors Quest, the small German even said with a smile: "Only in video games, I was able to become the Australian Open champion 13 times. "Say to say that the small German is now the professional men's tennis in the Australian Open men's singles arena's most competitive player. According to tennis legend Politelli said, the hard court is simply such a small German move flexible, backhand outstanding bottom line player ad hoc. Small German 4 times won the "Norman Brooks Challenge Cup" performance also proved this point. 2015 Australian Open men's singles stadium, small German same champion will be the most popular candidate.
Of course, the four Australian Open men's singles titles will give Dwyane some extra glory because his competitors are just as great - in the 2015 season, Druid will face the huge impact of the Challengers.
Bear the brunt of the defending champion Wawrinka: This starless temperament, the late blooded Swiss players after a defeat of Federer, Dirk, Nadal's 37-game losing streak, actually in the 2014 season Australian Open stadium even grams of small German, Nadal, became the first after 2005 "non" four kings "Australian Open champion!" The new season, he is bound to give small German and other Australian Open men's singles champion huge trouble.
Of course there are Nadal and Federer: Although the outside world has been locked in Nadal's "private" locked in the clay court, but the last three competitions, the Spaniards have entered the finals, combined with the second half of 2014 season Nadal has been recuperation, He is entirely possible to play a high level in the first major competition of the new season; as for Federer, the old and strong his rejuvenation of his career Spring no surprise.
Another potential "challenger" is Murray, though the British have been somewhat downbeat in recent years in comparison to other "Big Four" members, but Murray has changed his attitude this past winter, using almost all of his time On the training ground. There will be paid in return, perhaps in 2013 Australian Open men's singles to the world can bring surprises?
The 2015 Australian Open men's singles match is crowed, women's singles arena no less furious than the men's singles: If Li Na did not retire, has always been more emphasis on winter training and feel very good in the Australian Open venue, "a former Chinese sister," naturally Will be a powerful contender for the championship, but "after Li Na era", everything is possible.
Perhaps many would think of the Australian Open women's singles champion and Belarusian Azarenka in 2012-2013. Regrettably, Azarenka's world rankings have plummeted as a result of the 2014 season, Year-end ranking has only 31st place. According to the plan, Azarenka will start playing from Brisbane before the Australian Open, on the one hand to warm up, on the other hand to enhance their rankings, otherwise, the former champion will have to face can not be "seed player "The identity of the embarrassment, if so, the difficulty of rushing the crown will greatly increase.
In fact, compared to Azarenka, the most noteworthy or Halep, Bouchard and other "young generation": the former has proved in the 2014 season that he has the ability to beat any top player; the latter was last year Of the Australian Open stadium and the final champion Li Na had a clash, according to the rising momentum of the two, "chaos" to grab the first "Daphne Cup" career may not be impossible.
Serena, Maria Sharapova, of course, have the ability to impact the championship, but from this winter's training situation, the two are more focused on the play, business, very stressed that winter training reserves the Australian Open stadium, Serena, Sha La Baule at Rod Laver course this year may be difficult to accomplish something.
Perhaps we should change the way of thinking, focusing on those less famous, but it can be a sudden emergence of players, such as Cibuikewa 2014 season, Zheng Jie 2010 season. Different from the group competition, most of the upset can be constrained in the "controlled" range, tennis, such as the net relative, individual and individual contest, upset really only for a moment. (China sports newspaper forest sword)

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