2014 tennis most concluding: Li Na most unexpected

There is no word more than the "most" can summarize the magnificent, colorful - the best, the worst, the most interesting, the most embarrassing, the most " . 2015 is still coming, professional tennis will soon enter the new season, but does not prevent us to use the "most" label in the memories of the lake and then set off waves.
The most unexpected: Li Na
If you want to select the most surprising event in the 2014 professional tennis season, when Li Na suddenly announced his retirement, the impact of this event and the world's best even beat the "Chinese sister" won the Australian Open women's singles champion! In fact, the reason why the unexpected, mainly because Li Na chose to "Grand Slam win" the professional tennis recognized "competitive peak" choose to retire somewhat somewhat perverse, but as the domestic media on the evaluation of Li Na : If everything is normal, Li Na will not become now Li Na. Li Na's retirement is not only Li Na's own thing, but also the Chinese tennis and even the world's tennis altar things, the Chinese tennis are forced into the "post-Li Na era", the just-born tennis craze can remain to be verified; and have chosen " Asia Strategy "," China Strategy "WTA have to re-plan their own development direction, after all, now China tennis, Asian tennis have not yet received Li Na's" beat "of" the next stop ".
The most crazy: Nishikori
In addition to Zhang Depei, yellow skin, dark-haired Far Eastern people have never really been accepted by the world men's professional tennis. However, in 2014, Nishikori broke the curse, entered the finals with the US Open, took the season four men's singles tour championship, the finals into the semi-finals of the crazy performance, Nishikori Kyu has become the ATP Arena Undoubtedly, "a brother in Asia," "the first person in history." Today, Nishikori Kei's world rankings have come to the fifth place, an Asian never before the high rank that may also be difficult to be broken in the future. However, Nishikori Kei obviously not satisfied, for his career goals, he said he hopes to copy the glory of his predecessor and coach Zhangde Pei. But we all know that he will certainly not be content to be just "second in the world" just like Zhang Depei.
The contrast: Kovito baby
Prior to this season, Kvitova had become a model for professional women's tennis almost exclusively - the once-proud WTA venue where she had gradually become "soy sauce" ... the same for the first six months of the season Thus, Kvitova was mediocre, but starting from Wimbledon, the Czech girl, already excluded by the main tennis media from the "Grand Slam women's singles", actually recovered the "invincible state" of 2011, After a lapse of three years, once again top of the Grand Slam! In the subsequent New Haven station and Wuhan Open, Kvitova baby redouble their efforts, there are two crowns start, and now, her year-end ranking has come to No. 4, who said she is "short-lived"?
The warmest: ice bucket challenge
Strictly speaking, Ice Bucket Challenge is not the first tennis player, but the charity project aimed at helping "getting cold" is inextricably linked to professional tennis: former Dravidian ATP president Suffering from "getting cold syndrome" died in 2013. It is for this reason that this activity, which is called "the coldest event of 2014", has been extremely enthusiastic in the tennis circle, creating a warm atmosphere - after Murray took the lead in pouring the icy water, the other The members of the "Big Four", Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal also followed suit. After Rohonch, Dimitrov, Isner, F Lopez, Tomic, Sauk, Harrison, Smitherk, Poplar, Russell, Butorak, Ha Sri Lanka, Kaye Gauthier, Ji Meier Storpe and other players are also involved. The enthusiasm of the male players is high, and the female players do not allow them. In the wake of Ms WTACEO Alaster, including Ivanovic and Serena, both participated in the event.
Most heart plug: Wozniacki
Wozniacki nicknamed the "Danish sweetheart," but her 2014 "heart plug" - the envy of the world and her golf star Mike Roy romance ended in 2014, McIlroy broke up The explanation is "I am not ready for marriage." Wozniacki so immersed in happiness so long frustrated, competitive state also plummeted. Fortunately, by the second half of the year, the Danish girl turned her attention back to the stadium, winning the Istanbul Grand Prix and again reaching the women's singles final five years later.
The happiest: Djokovic
Mention the happiest tennis world, more people think of "life winner" Federer, Maria Sharapova, but small German 2014 same "happy tight": first, the Serbs snatched back from the hands of rival Nadal Lost the first year-long ranking of the year-end world rankings last year, the small German end of the year in the case of brave circumstances did not keep the end of the year, has left a knot in his heart, but this year, with Nadal's Injured and Djokovic own bravery, "the end of the world's first" award is back! In an interview with French media, Novak Djokovic made no secret of his claim that I still valued the year-end rankings better than the Grand Slam trophy. Another point is that when the bridegroom and father are the same - On the fourth day after Wimbledon won, Gideon announced that he and her girlfriend Elena, who fell in love for eight years, were married. Three months later, her son "Little Germany" was born It! It is said that under the influence of "two happy events", the small German won the championship trophy of three heavyweights at the end of this year, the Paris Masters and the finals at the year-end, becoming the veritable "end of the year The King of In-House Races (Paris Masters, Year-end Finals are Indoor Events) "," The King of 2014 "!
The most successful: Federer
Federer, who has bid farewell to the "golden age" of competitive status, seems to be "detached" from "perfect," compared to the lone defeat he has won in the past few seasons, but at the height of the "Swiss ball king" A number, not deliberately sought, his direction has been turned to real success - such as group games, such as family. This season, Federer led the Swiss team won the Men's Team Davis Cup champion in injury-ridden this is not only the first time for Federer, but also the first in Switzerland, the Swiss domestic media even described this On the other hand, Federer's wife Milka gave birth to a pair of female twins, others would admire the "sibling" family, but Federer is the same as the "Bernard Miracle" created by the former West German team in 1954 World Cup, Home, but fake Baohuan "children twins four full!" So far, there are more players than Federer? There are more successful than Federer's father?
The most gorgeous: professional tennis
Happy or unlucky, the biggest winners are all professional tennis sports, and more than ever, the professional tennis 2014 season is really more colorful: the most direct point is that the four Grand Slam singles men's singles eight championships Actually be eight athletes to share, this is the "Big Four", Serena has monopolized ATP, WTA stadium for many years of professional tennis, is absolutely unprecedented! No one wants a professional tennis venue to be a one-man show for Dhon, Nadal, Federer, Murray or Serena, and we still hope to see more great tennis players boast the highest honor stage, which was achieved in 2014. Followed by the emergence of a large number of young athletes - the best rookie of the ATP Arena and his major rivals Tim, high yakes, and of course the same young Raonic, Dimitrov Even Nishikori Kei; Benxi Qi, Dias, Rogers on the WTA arena and Zheng Sai race, Wang Qiang, Xu Shilin and others of our country. It is no exaggeration to say that professional tennis is brewing a new era ready to come. (China sports newspaper forest sword)

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